Safety monitor based on text file

I would like to raise a suspend event in case a power outage occurs in my roll-off-roof observatory.
To this purpose I’ve recently bought an APC UPS and developed a little piece of software (a watchdog) that, in case the UPS is on batteries (power outage), is able to write a file or do any other operation.
How can I use the safety monitor based on text file in Voyager?
In particular what “Add integration time management to conditions” option means?
What should I expect? That the suspend or exit event is raised in case Voyager is not able to find the file or does not read the safe string in it?
I ask because it seems not to work in my drag script…

Voyager read the file and contents you ask.

  • if file is not avalaible or not changed in time from last reading start a timer for unsafe if “Generate UNSAFE if Voyager cannot read file or data not modified for” flag is set for the time in field in minutes
  • if file not contains the string expected start a timer to unsafe based on the “integration time” in seconds if flag set or generate immediatly the unsafe condition
  • if file contains safe string and is updated start integration timer if set and after integration generate safe condition and reset all timer

Generaly integrtion (if set) work on change to avoid glitch, if set integration Voyager expect to read the safe or unsafe status for the time you put inside the field. Read must be stable or timer will be resetted and counter restart.

I hope this help you

First of all sorry for delay and thank you very much for answer.
I’ve recently bought a UPS and developed a piece of software that, in case the UPS is on battery (power outage is occurred) stops updating a file that I would like to use as an alert signal in Voyager.
I’m asking what are the best settings to use and the drag script element to raise an alert and to suspend observations until the power has been restored.
Second I would like to know how the “File Single Line Monitor” string works.


I answered in the previous message. For your UPS the best solution is to check external with your script or application and write a safety file text.

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Hello @Fukinagashi same usecase here on our facility.
I simply use the windows version of to manage power outage.

But as far as i also using an AAG Cloudwatcher, i must make a choice on the safety panel.
AAG for weather
or File for power outage

Leo did you think that we could have an option to use a boolean operator for using both (safety monitors. AAG && File ?

Safety monitor, Weather and Viking emergency input are in OR since from the first release of this service.

All the best

If think i misunderstand your answer Leo.
I’m maybe not clear ?

In the safety panel configuration i can only choose between
“ASCOM Safety Monitor” or “File Safety Monitor”

It could be convenient to have the both entries and a Safety result could then computed by a combined result with a boolean operator.
Providing a new option for PowerFailure in safety management

(nb: Weather panel is another input… it provide a somewhat redundant information to the safety switch of the AAG. And we have here 2 differents configurations [not error prone] one in the AAG, one in voyager weather.
I use this feature to put the dragscript in pause, when it’s cloudy but not overcast.)

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Like I said to you the Safety monitor, Weather and Viking emergency input are in OR since from the first release. And this not change in terms of Emergency Events.

What you ask is a second safety monitor.
I can add it.

All the best