Safety Monitor Query

This may be a dumb question - though I believe that there are no dumb questions, just dumb people…

My observatory (which I share with several others) has set up a system whereby the status of the roll off roof is reported as a single line text file - if the roof is open, the text file reads SAFE and if the roof is closed it reads UNSAFE. By doing this, I don’t need to concern myself with the weather conditions as this is managed by the observatory operator.

However - I find that a DragScript that is configured with Emergency Suspend and Emergency Resume features continues to run a script when the Safety Monitor reports UNSAFE.

Is this because the string Voyager looks for is “SAFE” and so considers the system ready to go despite the full word being UNSAFE? If so, do I overcome this by having the system to report either SAFE or SUSPEND? Or is there a more subtle setting I have missed?


Correct. You could get around this with another python script and batch file that reads your file and writes to a new file the status of either open or close. This is how I currently manage Roof status events.

Voyager search for a string in a text. UNSAFE contains SAFE so there is not difference in search if you using SAFE. If you cannot modify the string I will add a starting by flag

Thanks for the responses.

I’ve written a small Python script to change the string “UNSAFE” to “SUSPEND” and overwrite the text file. It seems to work well.