Sample Script Resume

I’m starting to learn about Dragscript. I’m using the All Night Imaging sample script as a starting point.

I see that the Suspend block parks the scope and closes the dome. But the Resume block just does a Start Tracking and nothing else. Doesn’t it need to open the dome, slew to target, etc. before resuming where it left off? Or is that somehow handled automatically by the Resume logic?

This is only an example, implements your logic according what you do on suspend.
Voyager have no logic for suspend resume and exit except what is need to start the events

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Sounds good, thanks!

Does the Resume start inside the Sequence where it left off? Or does it start at the beginning of the sequence?

Also, if it starts at the beginning of the sequence, does the frame number in the filename reset to 1 after a Resume?


resume start form the suspend block or from an arbitrary block if you specify (Resume from block)
Block resumed will be restarted for zero, sequence included.

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