Saving or copying the Voyager "Monitor" text

I am trying to solve a problem with Plate Solve and I can see what the Monitor is saying, but I can’t copy and paste the Monitor’s text into a support request. Trying to reproduce this text is very tedious and likely to have errors. So is there a way I can get at this text?

What is in the monitor is also on log. Use log file.

OK, so how do I find log file? Is it a file in a particular sub-directory, or accessible from a particular menu item?

The daily Voyager log files are under: This PC/Documents/Voyager/Logs

They are much more detailed and a different format to the monitor output. If you want to save the monitor output then Control-A, Control-C on the monitor window then Control-V into notepad or whatever. You can also use the mouse to do the same thing.

HTH Robert

Thanks, Robert! I’ve now accessed the detailed log and will try the keyboard approach on the Monitor. I had previously tried unsuccessfully to select the text and copy using the mouse, but if I have understood you correctly, I need to select the title bar of the monitor window. I’ll try both ways tonight.