Schedule PC to start and run voyager every day automatically?

How can I let my PC in the remote observatory “rest” during the day and start automatically, say around 1800L and run until approx 0700L and automatically start up and run the imaging suite (Voyager, ASCOM, TSX, etc)




Use Scheduler:


And run a .bat to start Voyager and a Dragscript from it:


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If you can also make use of the possibility of wake up lan. (WOL) i did this in a kind of home automation system. Node Red

instead of button, I use you can use the node red the scheduler node
But I think you will not switch of the PC right?

its idea


I use Windows Task Scheduler to automatically start Voyager on my observatory computer. It is very flexible and configurable. Also, I include command line arguments on the Voyager command line to automatically load and launch my dragscript. In this way my remote observatory starts up and starts shooting without any involvement from me.

Let me know if you need detailed instructions on how to make this happen.


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You can configure windows to start Voyager automatically after starting, and load an execute a dragscript. At the end of your dragscript you can disconnect your equipment, kill the relevant programs and shutdown the PC, all supported by Dragscript.

The safest way to start your PC is with Boot on Power option, most BIOS support this. IOW will boot as soon as the PC senses power in the outlet, to achieve this you need a IP power switch. Please look at the official perpetual dragscript, with some customization you could achieve what you want.


Not sure why you want to shut down the PC. I let mine run 24/7. It’s generally better for electronic components to run continuously and maintain a steady temperature. Plus it allows the PC to do auto-updates during the day instead of the middle of my imaging session. :slight_smile: If you have a spinning hard drive, that might wear out earlier, but most spin down after a time of inactivity so its not really an issue.

I’m sorry Dan but your statement is not correct, restarting the PC is a thing to do especially if you use types of CMOS cameras of not excellent quality like the ones very popular in recent times.

It also ensures that you have maximum efficiency from the operating system when you take pictures. So restarting after every night session is one of the advice I give to all my users and now also to you.

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Hi Tim,

I saw you’d replied to a question on the Voyager Forum regarding automatically starting up Voyager dragscript on your system. I’ve been attempting to do the same with my remote setup, but have run into problems. In particular, I use Windows Task Scheduler to reboot my system each day…this works fine.

For starting Voyager with my dragscript, I have a .bat file setup. It runs fine (starting up Voyager dragscript) when I execute the batch file manually or via a cmd prompt, but doesn’t execute when I set it up to run in the Task Scheduler. I’ve tried a number of different settings in Task Scheduler, but I’ve yet to get it to work. I would greatly appreciate any insights/advice.


Do not use a bat in the task scheduler, call directly the Voyager executable with command line about the dragscript to run

Here is how I have Task Scheduler configured. Leo is correct that you don’t want to attempt to start a batch job from Task Scheduler. Call the executable itself as I show below.

Click “Create Task” on the right side of Task Scheduler (not Create Basic Task) and fill out the first screen like this:

Of course, change the User to your own account.

Click the “Triggers” tab at the top. Press the button. Make it look like this:

Again, use the User ID from your system.

Click the “Actions” tab at the top. Press the button. Make it look like this:

In the Arguments box, it should say “/run: pathtodragscriptfile”. See the Voyager documentation if you need further help. Make sure that the “Start In” box has the path to the folder containing the Voyager.exe file.

That should do it. Let me know if you need further assistance.

Sorry for the slow reply. I had to get to a point where I could log in to my Voyager PC.


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