Script activation of the dew cap heating

Hello, I want to control the activation of the dew cap heater via Voyager. From which temp. / dew point difference do you switch them on? Does anyone of you have a script where this is realized? Thank you, regards Enrico

Hi Enrico. I use a Eagle 4 pro which automatically controls the dew heater via a ECCO which measures temp/humidity. However, I can set the difference between temp/dewpoint to activate this control. I find that in my dome, I rarely have to use dew heat since it is always a degree or two warmer. A setting of 2-3 deg is enough. If setup outside without my observatory, I have to use a setting that keeps the temp of the dew shield 8-9 deg warmer than the ambient temp in very humid conditions. I have a large 6" refractor and it takes that temp difference to keep the air within the dew shield slightly warmer than the outside air. My dew heater is on the dew shield slightly ahead of the lens. Depending on your scope and where you setup along with your local humidity conditions you will need to probably test different settings to get it right.