Script for rotating through multiple targets?

Dear developer and user
I’m a beginner. I practice with voyager (linked to all features in TheSkyX).
TSX and LTI in TSX are my favorite software but have limitations concerning automation.
I want to rotate through e.g. a 6-panel-mosaic of Veil Nebula - one panel after the other and so on during e.g. 3 hours.
I can do this in LTI of TSX very easy, no problem.
The limitation comes when I need to start an other sequence in LTI at a defined time.
I have to do it manually.
Obviously Voyager don’t has this limitation concerning the timely start of a sequence.
I saw that rotating through multiple targets in Voyager needs DragScript.

Therefore my question here:
Is there a sophisticated script for this purpose that I can download?
Are there some text examples for this purpose that I can study and copy?

Thank you for the answer.

Best Regards

Welcome Hans,

for multitarget you need to use DragScript. From precompiled dragscript inside the editor you can find a Multitarget script (multi sequence robot) and more, here found some specification about on wiki:

Voyager have a little facilities in sequence block also for mosaic, you can use a sequence block with the same sequence file and override target name and coords using block properties. This allow to use only one sequence for all tile of mosaic.

In script you can allow time for each sequence and choose start and end and error management if necessary.

If you want in your license there is option to write togheter some dragscript in remote desktop session.
In this way you are free to ask what you need directly to the developer.

I hope this help you, again welcome.

All the best

Thank you very much for the answer.
I read the section ‘Research Survey’.
I assume you are referring to this with the term ‘little facilities’ and ‘sequence block’.
OK, I think that’s the real solution for the rotation within the mosaic. Great.
(I tried to rotate through the tiles with a DragScript :slight_smile: ).
And I think a multi target DragScript isn’t complicate anymore with this solution.
Thank’s a lot.

Hello Hans,

i talk about sequence block … but you can use also Research and Survey section to do mosaics.
In Dragscript is really simple to do mosaic:

1   - 	Start: Events At Start are ENABLE
2   - 	Script
3   - 		Sequence: Interval of 01:00:00 [hh:mm:ss] - M1 - C:\Users\leonardo\Documents\Voyager\ConfigSequence\Sequenze Standard\LRGB_Default.s2q
4   - 		Sequence: Interval of 01:00:00 [hh:mm:ss] - M2 - C:\Users\leonardo\Documents\Voyager\ConfigSequence\Sequenze Standard\LRGB_Default.s2q
5   - 		Sequence: Interval of 01:00:00 [hh:mm:ss] - M3 - C:\Users\leonardo\Documents\Voyager\ConfigSequence\Sequenze Standard\LRGB_Default.s2q
6   - 		Sequence: Interval of 01:00:00 [hh:mm:ss] - M4 - C:\Users\leonardo\Documents\Voyager\ConfigSequence\Sequenze Standard\LRGB_Default.s2q
7   - 		Repeat Current Block Until Time: 03:30:00
8   - 	End
9   - 	Events

This is a little example to do mosaic of 4 tiles 1 hour each tile from night start to 3.30 … you can change how you want. Like you can see the sequence is just one … the block properties are overrides on each sequence.

All the best