Script to go through autofocusing for each filter and measure offsets

Hi all,

First of all, newbie here just start playing with Voyager. I am very impressed with the flexibility from DragScript, and would love to use it to the full. I have a simple idea of automatically run autofocusing through all filters one by one and record focuser position & focuser temperature, and generate the offset map vs. temperature just to know better the system. So I set up this very simple DS below (without safety mechanisms yet), but wonder how to extract the information out of it. Once the Decimals got updated, how do I retrive the values? Do I have to go through the Voyager log, or write some external py script to do so? Also, is ther better / more elegant way to initialize the decimals? Now it just feel tedius to copy-paste entries for each filters…

I am sure it’s me not finding the right way to use DS. Please let me know if you have any comments/suggestions.


1 - Start: Events At Start are ENABLE
2 - Script
3 - Block: Initial focuser position logging
4 - Decimal Number: AFL - Init Value = 0
5 - Decimal Number: AFR - Init Value = 0
6 - Decimal Number: AFG - Init Value = 0
7 - Decimal Number: AFB - Init Value = 0
8 - Decimal Number: AFHa - Init Value = 0
9 - Decimal Number: AFL_Temp - Init Value = 0
10 - Decimal Number: AFR_Temp - Init Value = 0
11 - Decimal Number: AFG_Temp - Init Value = 0
12 - Decimal Number: AFB_Temp - Init Value = 0
13 - Decimal Number: AFHa_Temp - Init Value = 0
14 - Block: AF
15 - Block: AF with L
16 - AutoFocus with RoboStar: Filter [3] L - Multiplier x5
17 - Update Decimal from Focuser Temperature: AFL_Temp
18 - Update Decimal from Focuser Position: AFL
19 - Block: AF with R
20 - AutoFocus with RoboStar: Filter [0] R - Multiplier x5
21 - Update Decimal from Focuser Temperature: AFR_Temp
22 - Update Decimal from Focuser Position: AFR
23 - Block: AF with G
24 - AutoFocus with RoboStar: Filter [1] G - Multiplier x5
25 - Update Decimal from Focuser Temperature: AFG_Temp
26 - Update Decimal from Focuser Position: AFG
27 - Block: AF with B
28 - AutoFocus with RoboStar: Filter [2] B - Multiplier x5
29 - Update Decimal from Focuser Temperature: AFB_Temp
30 - Update Decimal from Focuser Position: AFB
31 - Block: AF with Ha
32 - AutoFocus with RoboStar: Filter [4] Ha - Multiplier x5
33 - Update Decimal from Focuser Temperature: AFHa_Temp
34 - Update Decimal from Focuser Position: AFHa
35 - End
36 - Events



DragScript is not a real script but a Drag&Drop facilities to run simple to complex automation.
The way you found is correct… you can retrieve and load decimal variables from external script call, Voyager is able to save the stdout of an external script to a decimal variable.

For save out of DragScript there is not option at now, but if you want you can analize the log, this is something similar to what Vitali have done for other porpouse here:

I will add, on external script parameters, values reading from decimal, this will be a nice thing. Thanks.


Thank you. Yeah I see currently the way is to read the log. Looking forward for features to exporting decimals!

Thanks, Leo. This would be a nice feature!


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