Scripting on sidereal time

Hello, I am using the trial version of Voyager, I apologize I haven’t read the manual from start to finish yet. My question: can Voyager be scripted (DragScript) with sidereal time? An example pseudocode in mind:

Start Imaging Target when LST = 6h
Stop Imaging Target when LST = 8h

Such scripts have the advantage that the start and end times, set in sidereal time appropriate to the RA of a target, never need to be changed. (Of course the beginning end of the night do change each day in sidereal time.)

Many thanks,

It would be the same as setting the start & end time via Hour Angle (LST-RA=HA), isn’t it? Which is what I use and I really like it, for the exact reason you mentioned: set it and you dont need to change it everyday.

I’m using >altitude to start so target clears trees in the East and HA to stop to avoid meridian flip as I have no view of the West from home location. These are defined per object in the sequence definition so no need to change anything in the dragscript other than choose which sequences to run.