Sequence, autofocus and time efficiency

Hello all,

In my sequence I have specified to do a autofocus at start of sequence.
Voyager then first makes a precision point to the target, then it searches for a focus start and then makes a new precision point to that position, autofocus starts and then it makes the final precision pointing to the target again and starts the imaging. Well, its nice, but all this precision pointing takes time - valuable time.
Is it possible to skip the first precision point to the target? Voyager already knows that it must go to focus start near the target, so its unneccessary to make the first precision pointing to the target.


Hello Colonist, welcome. In the Focus Tab you can choose Voyager Localfield instead of Voyager Robostar, to speed up the focus routine and avoid the search of the star, and the return to the target…

Hello Roberto!

Thanks for the tip. This will speed up indeed. I’ll try this out. However, I think the extra slew should be removed from the Voyager code.


Absolutely not JP … there is so many reason to leave this code where is.

All the best