Sequence End Time?


I am running Voyager and have it set to take 200 x 600sec exposures…but its telling me its going to stop taking images in 4 hrs (at 1AM local?) I can’t figure out why its going to do this - I want it to keep taking images until 5AM)?

Any ideas?

It must have something to do with the meridian flip limits? The flip didn’t happen so I must have something not set right. Does this look correct to anyone?

I’m using an AP1100GTO with APCC Pro:

Maybe instead of “ASCOM Normal” under ASCOM Pier Mode - I need to set it to “Get Position from Scope”?

Heres what my Sequencer shows:

Dear Tony,

if you need support please send request to dedicated mail you found in official license mail with info about : version of Voyager, attached log of the day of problem and the day before, a description of problem and screenshot if needed.

If you have AP mount choose hub isnt a good idea, AP driver are a server driver and can accept more than one client. You should avoid this kind of configuration.

Based on what you show there’s nothing wrong in setting Voyager side (control selection exception above).
Just if you have problem in timing sync between your PC and your mount hardware please check the flag “ASCOM - Read LST from driver”.

ASCOM normal or inverted depends on your driver, please read carefull about here:

All the best