Sequence error management

I’m trying to put together a DragScript to automate Sequences. I have so far successfully gotten the sequences to action through a DragScript that will commence targets with their individual sequences according to astronomical night start and the HA of the individual targets.

I’m now trying to incorporate error management into the script so that if it clouds over for a while and the script hangs because of a bad focus attempt or failed plate solve the script can respond to that error and re start the sequence where the error occurred.

Does sequence progress get saved? Is there anyway of re starting a block/sequence so that Voyager picks up where the error occurred after maybe a Wait interval, or once the script reports an error, would the entire sequence for that target have to be re started from the beginning?

Many thanks in advance, sorry if these questions have already been answered somewhere, I tried to search but could not find anything and rather than bombard Leo again with more emails I thought I’d put this out to everyone who may be able to help on the forum.


Hello Alessandro,

not a problem to bombarding me … for me its normal.
Voyager doesn’t have memory of shots in sequence so restart from begin if a sequence is called.
Better to work in terms of time slot instead to a precise count of shot

All the best

Thanks for the reply Leonardo. I don’t know how you find the time to do all this. Please tell me the secret :wink:

You say better to work in terms of time slot, do you mean there is a way of finding the time that has elapsed since the sequence started and returning/using this somehow in the script?

Thanks again


No, i mean use for example for color a RGB slot of 4 shot for filter , use group by, repeat x time …
if you restart sequence the sequence restart to redo the slots, so you can found some difference between filters but for 1 or 2 stop of sequence this is really short difference …

This if you have an observatory … have more sense to think in terms of time and not in terms of num of sub

If you are itinerant like me … you are unders the sky so you can change the sequence and dragscript running.

I must found time … for me its a job.

All the best

Thanks Leonardo. I understand what you mean.