Sequence file and drag script


I am wondering if the instructions to always plate solve before a target is in the sequence file or is that something I need to set in the drag script?

Kind regards

Hi Roger, you could run precision pointing by the dragscript but I always do it in a sequence, all the target data should be in the sequence so it is easy to do it that way.

It is a combination of two settings, in the mount setup tab you need to set your precision pointing maximum error to a figure that works for your equipment, and in the sequence in the “On start” tab you need to tick “Point target on start” (I select inject focus on start too so the sequence always begins with a focus run)

Between those two, when the sequence starts, Voyager will do a precise pointing run, plate solving and repeating up to three times if the mount misses by more than the max allowed error in the mount setup tab.

You need to make sure that the max error allowed is sensible for your equipment. As an example, I set my short refractor on the AZEQ6 type mount to 40 arcseconds allowable error. That is only 20 pixels error on a 4500X3600 pixel frame and to go much better means repeated solve, sync and goto when a night of dithers will move the mount further off target.