Sequence Question

Last night I was imaging but I am new to Voyager so I was using the Software that came with my
camera to learn it first as Mallincam, the maker of my camera, says there are many features that
are not in the ASCOM driver. My plan was to use Voyager at the end of the evening to take Darks
and Bias Frames while I went to bed. This actually worked out very well, but it brought up as question.

When making a Sequence you need to specify a Target and the RA and Dec for the Target, no big deal
if you are imaging the Target. I was trying to do this after the mount had been Parked, Dew Heater off etc.

This required me to load the test Profile that I used while checking out Sequencing. This was my camera and the Mount Simulator, as Sequence required a mount. This is a bit of a work around, not a big deal, but it might require me to pick Polaris as a target to insure that the Target does not set while taking the Darks.

Is there a better way to do this?

Thank you

Bob Parry
Chilliwack Observatory

Yes Bob

use DragScript dedicated to Calibration FIT, you can do with a profile where you have only the camera if needed.

All the best