Sequence shot Done Bin info bug

It seems that the Sequence Shot Done window table take the Bin info from the programmed sequence instead of the files. The first screen shows that selected Bin is 1 and many images are taken at bin 1 as display by file name

If I change the binning in the sequence, all the values in the BIN column change to the new Bin for already taken file as per this screen shot

The Bin column should be derived from the files and not the sequence


HI Martin

this is correct also the exposure time depends on actual shot configuration.
I suggest you to create a new shot instead to modify the actual in terms of exposure lenghts and bin etc etc.
Its more clean and preserve history! Is not possible to take in account all the changes to a shot configurations for what in the paste.

All the best

Hi Leo

I was under the impression that the displayed table was from a database of shoot stored somewhere.

Would it be more appropriate to simply remove the Filter Exp and Bin column from the table if they simply reflect the info above ?

Clear Skies


Hi Martin,

sorry but like I said before solution is to create another shot instead to modify one that is already running.
Data is saved on database but have no sense to replicate for each shot of a slot.

All the best

If you want to hide a column right click and use the Hide this column command


Thank you Leo

I did not realize I can hide some columns


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