Sequences not slewing to object when run in Dragscript

This one has me puzzled. Everything was working fine last week.

I am running a dragscript to automate my observatory. (very close to the sample on this site where you can set up to 5 sequences). All was working fine last week, and now when the script gets to the 1st sequence, the mount (MyT) or dome (Maxdome II) does not slew to the object. The sequence takes the photos and does everything else correctly. Once the imaging is complete, the script then moves to the next sequence, (doesn’t slew again) and continues taking images per the sequence. The status in Dragscript says the mount and dome are slewing as expected.

It started working last night correctly for a bit, and then stopped working correctly.

When I run each sequence by it’s self, everything runs fine, mount and dome slews, and does everything expected. This one has me puzzled.

Thanks in advance for any help !

Use “point target on start” flag here:

When you have a working base sequence ineriths it with save as, change the target and the slots, you can use a few number of sequences like template.

All the best

Perfect !! That took care of it.

Thanks for the great support (and application!)