Sequencing start without plate solving

Is there a way to bypass the autofocus and plate solve when starting my sequence? After doing my 2 star alignment I will slew to my target then perform an auto focus using RoboStar VCurve ‘First Light Wizard’. Once completed I will download my coordinates via Robo Clip and hit Precise Pointing Target Coord. I download my sequence program and I am ready to go. But as soon as I start the sequence, Voyager once again does an autofocus and a plate solve. Is there a way to bypass this procedure and go right to the imaging? I have the Sequence Star Flag set to ‘normal start’ but I have tried ‘Just Precise Pointing and Start’ but it still performs these functions.
Thanks very much

I strongly advise you against doing such a thing, but if you want:

  • remove the inject focus on start in sequence configuration
  • remove the point target on start flag in sequence configuration


  • use the start flag in manual mode removing what you not need

All the best

I agree with Leo. A well setup plate solver will barely add any time to the overall sequence especially for the initial start. And the insurance it provides is worth it.

ciao, sorry if I get in the way, but isn’t doing the RoboStar VCurve ‘First Light Wizard’ every time a huge waste of time?

Agreed, that’s why I was trying to avoid a duplication of efforts. Performing the RoboStar VCurve ‘First Light Wizard’ before starting the sequence then having Voyager do it again when I start the sequence seemed redundant.

Harold, First Light wizard is a tools for configure the first time the autofocus settings and characterize your setup/optic. Must be done only one time. Probably you reference to a focus with a RoboStar single star system. If you leave to do this things to the sequence the sequence will do for you but I can understand what you want to say. I’ve explained to you how to do above. Otherwise if you really do a First light wizard every time this is an error , something not useful.

All the best