Serial Port String Transmit Command

Bob Here Again:

I am learning to use DragScript and finding it relatively easy to get what I want done.
An issue I was having was that when I asked Dragscript to Stop Tracking; Nothing Happened.
I checked my driver and it does not have such a command.

However with the Meade Protocol there is a way to set a Custom tracking rate that will accomplish
the same thing. I believe, from what I have learned so far, this command is β€œ:TM 0 #”.

Now my question is with the Serial Port Command can I send this directly to my scope? It is connected
serially through Voyager. My other thought was to use an external script, but this sounds much easier
and less likely to mess something up.


Bob Parry
Chilliwack Observatory

Hi Bob,

Voyager use the β€œTracking” property of Driver ASCOM to stop/start tracking. This is something really basic features in an ASCOM driver. I suggest to reach the developer of the driver if its possible and ask for some support. Best also is to activate the ASCOM log in your driver (if its possible) and attach it to the request.

To send data to a serial with the dedicated DragScript block, the serial connection must be available , free and closed. Only one connection at time is allowed in a serial port. If you have telescope connected in Voyager using the serial port in ASCOM driver you cannot open the port again , you must before disconnect telescope manually or in DragScript and after use the transmit string to serial block.

All the best

Thanks Leo, I was wondering about that issue.
I will contact the people that are doing the ASCOM driver.
They seem to be trying hard to make their driver work.

Again Thanks for the information.

Bob Parrhy

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I checked with the Driver Group, a rather active group, and they have updated drivers.
I loaded the latest driver and tried again with Voyager, and wha la it now works.

So I do not have to figure out a way to gobble together a solution. I’m a happy camper.

Bob Parry

Hi Bob,

thanks for feedback. Happy you have solved.

All the best