Serpens Cloud on IOTD

Serpens Cloud, vdB123 and Flaming Skull nebula Sh2-68

My first IOTD which was done with Voyager. Last imaging night had run smoothly without any hiccups :slight_smile:


Very nice result! Congrats on your IOTD.

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Fantastic Leo; congratulations! Beautiful field.


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Thank you! I have to travel few hours to reach Bortle 3 skies in the desert. I wonder how do you manage to create such a beautiful images from London and with long exposures? I believe it wouldn’t be possible without high quality LP filter.

Thank you Leo; you are too kind. I do have an IDAS LPS filter for L but Voyager allows me to image unattended in the early hours of the morning when light pollution is slightly reduced. Otherwise, it’s a matter of dropping many frames due to cloud and gradients! :laughing:

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Congratulations, very well done !!!

By the way, is there any official Voyager’s logo that we may use (like in filigrane) to promote further Voyager ?

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I see, it’s quite challenging still, to say the least. Do you mean that you don’t use LPS filter for RGB data but only for luminance? How come that you do have many images that don’t look like NB?

Thank you! I’m not aware of it. Could be nice indeed.

Yes only for L. Don’t want to hijack your thread though. L(P) and NB are acquired using one camera (Moravian G4) and RGB is from another scope and camera (ZWO ASI2600MC) using Voyager Array. Seems to work ok. :stuck_out_tongue: