Sesto Senso Focuser question

I wanted to know from the community if anyone was running the Sesto Senso focuser with Voyager and what the set up was.

I use the Sesto Senso Focuser in the setup tab, select autofocus tab, then select auto focus method, I use RoboFire. The Focuser tab should appear, then use the Ascom device driver, choose the Sesto Senso and under properties set the Com port. You should be good to go.

Thanks for the feedback. Do you normally perform the calibration procedure with the focuser within its own software program, before connecting it to Voyager?

You only need to calibrate the focuser in the Sesto Senso manager once to set the limits.

Sorry to bother but I normally shut everything down after every viewing session. I assume that the calibration has to be redone at every start up, correct?

No, the focuser will remember the settings. I also turn everything off at the end of the night. I have a portable setup. Ask any question you have and I will try to help.

Thanks for the offer to help. Will probably take you up on it!

If you move the focuser manually will the focuser know that as well? Or does it have to be automated at all times? I ask because last night I moved it manually accidentally. Old habits!

I have never done that, but you can check. In voyagers autofocus status tab note the position, then manually move the focuser to see if the numbers change. But to avoid all that, when setting up your imaging train, place the focuser at the mid point of travel. Then determine you back focus for the imaging train and set accordingly with spacers, etc.
For the first time use robofire, follow the instructions and voyager will get you in focus automatically, best routine I have used, pretty slick.
What focuser do you have Sesto Senso attached to, it might change my instructions.

I’ll give it a go and follow your instructions…will let you know what I see….the back focus for the camera is 55mm. Is this what you are referring to?

Sesto is attached to a Crayford focuser on a Meade refractor.

What is the backfocus for the Meade refractor? Does the backfocus start before or after the focuser. We should probably carry on this conversation by private email, because it is not totally relevant to this forum.

So I went through the steps as follows:
Calibrated the focuser in Sesto’s own program
The min of 0 and max of 135560 was inputted in the min/max area of the Robofire config center.
Returned the tube half way to a value of 60K and disconnected the Sesto program
Connected the focuser to Voyager and the 60K value is showing in the commands tab
Moved the focuser from within Voyager and it works ok.
Powered down everything (including the Sesto focuser).
When I reconnected everything once again, the value in the focuser command section was at zero.
If I input a value (say 100,000, the tube moves only a little).
if I disconnect in Voyager and reconnect in Sesto, it shows the 100K value which is not what it was when I disconnected everything (60K).
Now I’m totally confused…

Ed, my email is Maybe we can connect via phone afterwards to make it easier.
Thanks for your help.