Setting and verifying gain and offset of QHY CMOS camera

Two related feature requests:

  1. Please support gain and offset setting for QHY camera via Voyager rather than via the driver.

  2. Until (1) is available, is there someway to check what the gain and offset is set to while the camera is connected? At the moment, when the camera is connected, I cannot open the QHY driver dialog box to check what gain setting it has. I have ruined a night of acquisition because the camera was operating using a gain that was different from what I thought it was operating at (only found out at the end of the night).

Ive never needed to adjust offset.

Rumour is there may be gain changes in future. Fingers crossed.

There is no way ro check gain while its running. Nor does the gain get written to fits. I always check driver prior to connecting to double.check my gain.

We cannot help now for you request.
A collaboration with QHY has started … we are waiting camera for this month to create a native driver for QHY in Voyager.

All the best

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