Setting equipment position limits to avoid collisions

I use Voyager on an EAGLE4. That controls an ESATTO, ARCO, and filterwheel on an RST-135 mount.

I’ve elevated my optical setup so it can clear the pier even if it’s pointing at Zenith. But I noticed that if I try to do a go to using the hand controller of the RST-135, it will not hesitate to go beyond Zenith and make the optical chain crash into the pier (fortunately I stopped it before it did that).

Where do I set limits for meridian flips or configurations the mount shouldn’t position to? Is it in the RST-135 mount or in Voyager?

I have a similar question with the camera rotator. My filter wheel is large, so the protruding part needs to point up and its movement limited to 90 degrees to its left and right (which should be sufficient for all framing needs). But how do I impose such limits in Voyager? And will the limits be honored by Voyager when doing plate solve syncs or when framing a shot?


Kaz, this kind of limits are managed (if supported) directly in the driver of the hardware you are using. Cannot be managed by an automation software.

Hi Leonardo,

let’s say i have set my limits in the driver of the mount and during the sequence in the middle of the night Voyager reach those limits.
What Voyager will do?


If its a simple goto action will fail with an error coming from the driver.
If its a goto action inside a sequence the sequence will fail if cannot continue, its not allowed to have a goto error as answer for a goto request (you can configure the sequence to retry for x times the goto request before fails).

All the best