Setting-up Questions

Hi, Having been using SGP for a few years successfully, I decided to move to Voyage, so having purchased the Based License, and completed the setup connecting to all my equipment, PHD2, Stellarium, Obs Conditions and SQM, I am in the process of installing Lunatico Solo /AAG, all of them connected successfully at the startup, I am still in the process of getting used to it.
My first query is on the ‘OnTheFly’ section, I took a 10 seconds camera shot and on completion the image did not appeared anywhere, is this normal with the current license or I am missing something?
Second point is about the Dome control by Voyager RoboSync, the parameters looks a bit limited, there is no open and closing of the shutter options from the Voyager Options, also unless there is another parameter somewhere, the option to automatic close shutter when the mount park is not available.



With Voyager the main program doesn’t offer an image viewing section. You would need to open a separate FITS viewer program to load and display the acquired images.

Another way is to live view it on the Web Dashboard. Much preferred way IMO.


Dear Charles,

Voyager phylosophy is light years different from your previous software. main goal of Voyager is unattended automation for this reason, like Yizhou explained to you, the FITViewer is an optional external tools that you can open and connect to Voyager (activate the Application server in Voyager). Processing and showing of the image is really consuming task in terms of CPU and memory so if you do not need better to not use.

Automation in Voyager is pushed to really high level so probably you not yet explored all the capabilities about from what I can understand from your request. I suggest you to travelling in Wiki and forum to get a better view.

About Dome you have all the manual commands here:

For automation … automatic close of shutter is something not really safe in our vision because you do not have customized way to do the things like each observatory need. You can create your custom way to begin and end the observation night in DragScript and/or manage emergency events at multiple levels, some commands about the Dome here:

Probably a new world will open to you about automation.

All the best
Leonardo Orazi