Setting up The SKY X mount

I would like to know how to set up the manage meridian flip for THE SKY X Paramount ME II.
I wish to use the native API so select The Sky X as mount but the the GEM meridian Flip Manager is then grayed out. How do I get round this?
Thanks Andrew

I should have added I am using actions in a dragscript rather than a sequence.
Regards Andrew

Any reason you are not using sequences? I run an MX through Voyager and use the Manage option in a sequence and it flips fine. I have the flip hour angle in TCS set to the Meridian so there is no conflict. I do have a suspicion that a dither command is interpreted by SkyX as a GoTo and if the flip hour angle is crossed as a result that will create a flip but have not had time to test that. I am running unguided by the way.

Hi, Chris Leonardo informs my the meridian flip is only managed in a sequence. So I will have to use them.

I did not originally as I hunt for flares on M dwarfs. I that 100s or thousands of 10 to 20s exposures and did not initially see how I could do this efficiently in a sequence. Now I do.
Thanks for replying
Regards Andrew.