Setup of sequence for mono camera with filter wheel

I just started using a mono camera with filter wheel and am now trying to use it with voyager. I can get the process to work in TheSkyX doing a manual focus before each set of narrowband images but when I try to use voyager sequence it fails to platesolve due to the filter it is using not being in focus. How can I tell it to focus the image prior to platesolving?

Hello Astrogeorge

You can do a manual focus also with Voyager before the starting of a sequence (is higly reccomended). From the Command Window use the Robofire Focuser with IN and OUT arrows, the Camera Shot function (choose the right filter and the correct framing time for Ha filter), and the Fit Viewer to see how is you focus attemps. Once you are very near to the focus, you can start the Sequence…

I think I see what I did not do that caused my issue. I did not set the pixel size for the new camera in the profile which in turn caused it to not be able to platesolve the image. Once I test I will be better set for creating drag script code for imaging via the mono camera and filter wheel.