SH2-119 The Clamshell Nebula

This is a 2 panel mosaic of Sharpless 2-119 in Cygnus This is a project I started last fall and abandoned in favor of something else I wanted to try. While recently cleaning up old data from last year I found a lot more data on this. Voyager Advanced had just used idle time during other projects to gather additional data for me. What a nice surprise! All imaged from my backyard in Idaho using my SVX102T scope, QHY268M Camera, and NB filters. Thanks for all your hard work and such great software Leo!


That’s amazing! It’s always great to rediscover old projects with a fresh perspective and additional data. The mosaic of Sharpless 2-119 in Cygnus sounds like a fascinating project, and it’s impressive that you were able to capture it from your backyard in Idaho using your SVX102T scope and QHY268M Camera. I’m sure the additional data from Voyager Advanced will help you create an even more stunning image.