SH2--240 for 118 hours (Bortle 9)

This was my main target for 2023-2024. The conditions are absolutely terrible at my home with a new stadium with floodlights just nextdoor. It took four months, but I think
I did pretty good :slight_smile: Voyager did also well during the whole process!


Incredible resultโ€ฆ congratulations.

Thank you for using Voyager and I take this opportunity to thank here all the people who, like you, publish images in this forum demonstrating their passion for Astrophotography.


curious to know the setup, Bortle 9 :sunglasses: ohhhh just realized, it is on astrobin

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amazing image super impressive

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This is a spectacular image in its own right. And then to learn that you have a floodlit stadium next door, even more so. It also gives those of us with light pollution, hope that we can still achieve such a goal.

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What an achievement - I thought this target was beyond my sky capabilities at Bortle 6. Will definitely have a go at capturing this next winter season

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