Shut down script

Hello Leonardo
After long time i managed to work my observatory again
I had parked manually my scope and some time I run my shutdown script (which - one of the steps is to park the scope).
I get the message “mount did not park successfully” (but the scope is already parked)
I believe that I need to change something on my script ? Or is any other work around ?

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Hi Nikos,

I removed your dragscript because contains private data, please use the remove all private data button on toolbars of DragScript Editor to remove all your private data and create a safe copy to use for public upload:

If the DragScript execution report the message you wrote here means that the PARK action fails. Only you know the reason looking at monitor log or at log. Suspect that the stop tracking before parking is not nice for your mount driver. Check your log or look at video for the reason.

Please use the support for this kind of request.

All the best

I had the same issue with my Paramount MX+ in Dragscript, which was becuase the mount was already parked from an Emergency Suspend. Easy fix was to just insert an unpark command before the shutdown.

A park request cannot return an error if the mount is already parked but just return ok.
This is a standard convention.

I’ve seen the same thing with my Paramount MX+ as well. If the mount is already parked, another park command throws the “mount did not park successfully” error. I have also had to add an unpark command before the shutdown script to prevent it.

Just to say was interested to see this. I was getting the same, so trying the Unpark / Park trick.

My setup is a Paramount MyT / TheSkyX as driver. Perhaps its a bug / feature of the driver.

Leo - Is it possible to add a something to get the Mount Park status and Dome Open / Close. So we can add an IF block on this? e.g. IF MOUNT PARK / IF MOUNT UNPARK, IF DOME OPEN, IF DOME CLOSE? Or read a 1 / 0 in to a counter e.g. GET MOUNT PARK, GET DOME OPEN.

Absolutely not … trusting the parking status of the driver is one of the first cause of crashing and damage.
Put sensors to understand how is the mount positioned.

You must ask to the TheSkyX developer to fix the problem, a park command to a parked mount must return just ok parked without anything else like all the other drivers do.

Dome work exactly in this way so you just call open when you want to open and close when you want to close to be sure all its ok.

Unpark without checking the error and parking is a good trick.

All the best

Thanks for the thoughts. I understand your point. A follow-ujp question if I may.

I have a park sensor, and its linked to the dome controller (so Talon controller cannot close with out mount physically aligned to park).

Assuming i ALSO make available via Viking senor, then is a another work around to use a Viking ‘What For High Level In’ (so passes as OK Parked) and use an IF TIMEOUT block to issue the park command?

While Talon has a Roof Open / Roof Closed sensor and its in the controller, I don’t know if it is possible to expose in the same way. I need to check.

Yes its correct, you can use as for the perpetual script:

This is something to ask to Talon , probably the controller have an output to read like IN in Viking

All the best