Simple Q about guiding, and request

First post. I have a simple question, and don’t know the culture here. I could either search through stuff for an answer, or post this, being pretty sure someone has BTDT, and could answer it easily.

I’ll post. If that’s offensive, let me know, and I’ll try to work things out myself.

When I start a sequence in Voyager, it (consistently) shuts down guiding. How do I fix that?

Thanks. Bob

Voyager stop the guiding when start a sequence, everytime.
There is nothing to fix because work in this way, sorry.

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Bob, there is nothing wrong with it stopping the guider. It will start up the guider and enable RoboGuide when its ready to get to imaging. Nothing to worry about.


What Bill said. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m having the same problem. Not sure what is happening really as its late and I’m trying to image! But for certain Voyager is not starting PHD2 before running the sequence. I also don’t get any data flowing to the Voyager widget either. The workaround right now is to start PHD2 manually.

PHD2.6.6 was also complaining about the mount slewing when dithering! So I turned that off too!

Also, I have downgraded to PHD2.6.6 because PHD2.7.6 was giving me a lot more trouble.

So the problem might be with PHD2??? Is there a recommended version to use with Voyager?



Welcome Neil, stop guiding at beginning sequence is not a problem but a thing that Voyager always do and will done.

If you dont ask in Sequence to start guide (and guide calibration if needed) or Dithering Voyager will not do this stuff. Voyager work with all latest version of PHD2 you dont need to downgrade, isnt a PHD2 or Voyager problem (you not reported any error).

Please to ask support using the dedicated mail (you can found on your Voyager application main menù or in Voyager website) we not provide direct support on forum. We will be happy to help you also with remote session if you need.

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Thank you so much for your kind reply. I thought once I had set this up in the setup panel it was done but now I have a better understanding that this needs to be setup per sequence. Great, I will try again tonight because its looking clear for me. :slight_smile:

I’m not yet a customer but will be soon since I like what I see so far and I was struggling to even get this far with SGP…

Furthermore, I like the fact that I can use MaxIm and All Sky Plate Solver right out of the starting gate.



You dont need to do everytime, create your sequence default and the next times load it customize for the new target and save as … you finished. Also if you use dragscript use the same sequence and override target data … You must be able to not do guided sequence if you want … this depends on sequence not on general settings.


No need to apologize. Its working great at the moment now on M51.