Simulator - Run Sequencer at arbitrary time


Would it be possible to allow Sequencer to be run at an arbitrary time by relaxing the RoboTarget Action time types?

I am testing my target constraints using a Simulator profile and have loaded all my actual targets but cannot run Sequencer to check on the output of its matching run unit at least a few hours before Civil night.


You can run RoboTarget when you want but it work only around the night with the offset requested.

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Maybe a flag within the RobotTarget configuration to specify Simulation and ignore night times?

I have setup a Simulator profile and loaded all the targets. I wanted to run Scheduler to go through each and produce a log evaluating the Constraints for me to debug.

Advanced can only do this from 5pm today (or 5pm minus offset):

10:42:24 600 - RoboTarget
10:42:24 622 - Action Start
10:42:24 624 - RoboTarget Starting with this configuration:

Scheduler Type -> DEFAULT
Night Type -> CIVIL
Offset Night Start -> -20 [min]
Offset Night End -> 0 [min]

10:42:24 638 - Civil Night Start => 2022/01/27 17:18:00 End => 2022/01/28 07:07:00
10:42:24 641 - Civil Night Start [With Offset(s) applied] => 2022/01/27 16:58:00 End => 2022/01/28 07:07:00
10:42:24 644 - Night Start Not Reached, action exit with OK Result BUT with SKIPPED flag ON

If the Simulation flag is not possible, what is the maximum offset allowed?



I just change my PC clock time temporarily (and make sure the “auto-update time” in Windows is turned off) and run with simulators that way.



Thanks; yes, that’s indeed a way of doing it. What I was asking for was a more robust solution for a testing environment. I wouldn’t like to forget leaving my clock wrong when the REAL mount slews!


Hi Roberto,

you can go -180 minutes with offset.

I dont understand exactly the needed of a simulator in a scheduler that cannot be predictive.
Probably you want to know if an object is elegible in a determinate night ?

Because if you want to know how will be the entire night this is not possible because the scheduler is event driven, so each simulation is not real.

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Hi Leonardo

I am not checking the ephemeris of the objects or when they will be available, that I can do from a planetarium software. I wanted to see the effect of my constraints on the time allocated (and whether objects were being selected) by running the Scheduler and seeing the output in the Advanced log.


The scheduler is event driven this is not possible at 100%. Will be only a prediction.
if you think this is useful I will add on the todolist , but will be a task with a long wait due to all the calculations to do.

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Thank you Leonardo! Much appreciated.