Sky flats in Array

What is the problem?
I’ve tried to use a sky dusk/dawn auto flat with my (two-node) array. Doing this from the master panel with node 1 seems to disable both slewing of the mount and the check for sun altitude. On node 2, no sky flats are possible (because of the virtual mount).

What is the feature requested?
My feature request is to add the use of simultaneous dusk/dawn flats with an array.

What kind of limits of the implementation would still be useful for me?
Only the master node would need mount control. The exposures wouldn’t need to be synchronized as for a flat it’s irrelevant if the mount is moving during the exposure, and the action could end when all nodes are finished. Enabling this from drag script would be awesome.

Why is this useful?
Currently, I can only do dusk/dawn flats in sequence: I have to switch each node to a profile with mount access. In my case, when node 1 has finished taking full LRGB+NB flats, there is no longer sufficient light to also take flats on node 2. In other cases, mount access might not be possible for all nodes if they do not reside on the same computer.