SkyX get center fov ra and dec

I am trying out Voyager in demo mode. I am using the sequece editor to create a run. The concern is that iif one is trying to compose a frame vs centering a known object. it is necessary to enter RA an DEC manually. SKYX has a command to actually get teh center Ra and Dec form the cursor. Using this is quicker and safer. I suggest adding it to the sequnce title in a drop down and if activated something like cursor position could be defaulted to name. Which can be changed to whatever.


Welcome. I could be understanding your comments wrong, but I’d say most of us wouldn’t enter RA & DEC coordinate manually. Most of us use Web Dashboard to frame, then save the framing into a database called “Roboclip”, then load your ideal framing coordinate in the Sequence Editor. Hope this makes sense.

Well I have SKYX (came with the Paramount) Can’t see having another piece of software just to do framing, when SKY X is Adequate. For instance Markarians Chain doesn’t really have a RA and DEC and depending on the Camera FOV the aim point would vary.

Hi Roy
you can use the following steps to get the center of your TSX screen as the target for your sequence
0- Center your frame in TSX
1 - click the sequence icon
2- click Object Finder icon
3- click the Get Center button (You can also click the get selection button if you have an object selected in TSX)
4- Click the use button

Hope it help your evaluation of voyager


Thanks seems to do what I am looking for.

It works very well Roy, I use it all the time. The other option is to click on a star or object in SkyX that you think may work as a centre point and click on Use Selection.