Some day i really feel pain

…pain because it seems that many people have to come to hate Voyager and attack me personally. Now there are also the other developers …

I was accused of defending the software developers saying that they are not all amateurs (like someone wrote) but there are also people who do it as a job and profession and the person who went crazy was also included.

I have no right of reply and I cannot write. I write here because I would like to let you know as I said in the title that certain days it is really difficult to send down certain things after more than ten years of sacrifices and time stolen to my family. Yes, it is true. Voyager must be paied but also if cost 1000€ at license I would not return of all the money and time invested in it. It seems that sell software is a kind of crime against humanity.

Sorry for the outburst but I do not want it to go unnoticed, I am an astrophotographer before a “seller” and I find this desire to create wars and factions without sense its a real disgrace for everyone in this hobby.

I’m just a little tired …

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Stay put, it’s Cloudynights, it always endup like that.

FWIW the comment you are referring to is no longer in the thread. I am a profesional software developer and I know that most automation programs are way way underprice.




I hate all these A vs B threads and people compare different products.
It never ends well.
Everyone has different opinions.
You should try yourself.

Voyager is way under priced for all the efforts and ingenuity put into.
We spend so much on other gears and software cost is nothing compare to that.


Without being able to see the full thread as posts have obviously been deleted, I would not loose sleep over it. Like most forums it seems that any thread comapring product A with product B will quickly descend into a tit for tat squabble between a couple of people and anyone who posts will be seen as fair game.

Given the deleted posts I could easily be misinterpreting it but it just looked like mostly reasonable discussion from people aside from a couple of posters who were ended up just looking for a fight with each other and with anyone who did not align with their view. I bet the two main ones are likely to be carrying a bit of a forum battle over multiple threads, I know I have even unintentionally done something like that myself over what amounts to an inconsequential difference of opinion.

I gave up on CN years ago. Too many people on there who don’t recognise the difference between opinion and fact.

Hello Leo,

  Hope I'm not upsetting anyone but I gave up on Cloudy nights years ago as a matter of fact at no encouragement from me people on my web site call it Cloudy mines. 

But from my own experience I had people try to tell me how to run my website and what cameras should be allowed to broadcast, well I blew them all off and I run my site the way I want to and allow broadcasters, viewers and lurkers enjoy. and by the way most of those lurkers are Cloudy mines posters (funny) I don’t make any money from my site and I pay for 100% of the cost to run it so Opinions or bad remarks can go take a hike.

Leo, I suggest you do what I did and don’t really on reviews to grade the hard work you have put into Voyager believe it or not the same people that bad mouth you are going to be your customers someday. I got a kick out of one post that said I’m Swiss and I’m cheap so free is a win win LOL.

Sometimes I look at it as a playground argument for adults (mine is better then yours or you did it all wrong or you cheated) LOL

In my opinion if you are into Amateur astronomy you will have a good amount of money into your equipment so the $150.00 I paid for Voyager is a drop in the bucket compared to the value of my equipment and let me tell you I’ve had just about all the software out there ranging from $0.00 to $1000.00 plus a hefty renewal fee.and after all this I found the software that suited me best, Voyager.

For the respect of those software developer and hard work they do I choose not to give software names.

Leo keep up the good work and you will always have our support.



I think N.I.N.A copied too many things from SGPro.
They are too similar to me.
SGPro developers spent lots of time and resources to come up with the current features and interfaces.
Copying someone else’s design is not good for me even though it’s open source and free.
I think an open source application should come up with a new approach and a new design to solve problems especially in a small field like astronomy.

I really like Voyager’s approach is very different from other software.
(I think Voyager is older than SGPro as well)


Exactly, where there’s more than one person, chances are that disagreement about certain things will happen eventually.

Out of my perspective, Voyager and SGP are two different types of software and both authors should be paid for their work.
For the sake of honesty, there’s things I love in Voyager and things I love in SGP, and I believe that those that used both programs feel the same way.

I think that there should be room for proactive people that want to bring free software and those should be respected as well.

To Leo, I’m happy with Voyager, very nice piece of software keep truthful to your vision. Some will move away, other will come, isn’t that a software developer destiny?

Respect must be for everyone … it is not normal to insult others without reason and to demonize those who sell the software.

My account on CN is now deleted !
Thanks for advice.