Some issues with elements of file name pattern

I’ve defined the following file name pattern for my last session:


I don’t have motorized rotator, my camera has cooling. All acquired light frames files were missing two elements:

  • $$CAMERAPA$$DEG come out empty and was shown as DEG
  • $$SENSORTEMP$$C was translated to NoCoolingC

The FITs header contained the keyword pairs labeled CCD-TEMP and SET-TEMP with correct temperature values.

Rotation angle was resolved during precise target pointing, so I don’t see reason why it’s not included in file pattern translation.

Other than that, I was able to complete the first part of my target (OSC camera data) combined with an old and small Halpha data set. Here is the result (first light with Voyager) M33 galaxy (HaRGB)

Dear Leo,

if you think Voyager have some bug and you experienced this please use the right way sending an email about to support and not use the forum. Forum is not the right way for this kind of task !

After this, about camera PA I will check this. Probably is related to empty rotator control.
Sensor temp is relative to what you have set in sequence, if you do not manage the temperature in sequence (and is not a good thing) no cooling will be reported in the file name.

I hope this help.

Really nice image , congratulations. Thanks for sharing it !

All the best

I’ve addressed the issue with more details via email. Thanks!

Camera PA Issue fixed, you will find solution in next daily build of Voyager

All the best


That’s great (and was fast)! Thanks!