SQM as a constraint?

Evening friends,

I would love to hear you opinions about using SQM data as a constraint in RoboTarget. Let me explain you the rationale behind my question :slight_smile:

As many people, I have a cloud watcher which provides information about clarity (clouds) and rain to protect my equipment - nothing really rocket science. However, due to the built-in technology used (IR), these devices usually struggle to recognize high clouds / cirrus which can cover stars but not reduce sky temperature. Therefore, the cloud sensor will most probably read a “safe status” despite poor sky clarity.

I am considering two options (maybe combined together)

A) use SQM data as a constraint in order to tackle to above mentioned issue. What you say ?

B) Install an all sky camera with stars detection program that will close the observatory should some criteria are met (growing poor quality over night, number of stars diminishing, etc.)

As per the wiki, I am aware that SQM data cannot be used in Voyager Emergency Event. Nevertheless, provided you have a very reliable SQM reader / device, would you see anything that goes against it ?

Looking forward to hearing more from you. Thank you,


EDIT : additional question > is SQM data affected by high clouds - :blush: ?

Why don’t you consider a cloud sensor?
There’s a great diy project for that, it doesn’t take much to build and is relatively inexpensive, I made mine for less than 100€

It creates a CSII file that can be read and you can create a routine to close your roof if clouds get by. There’s people that were able to import weather data into voyager too.

Have a look at mySQM+ DIY SQM WEATHER STATION / Discussion / General Discussion


Ciao Miguel,

Thanks for your chiming in. I am currently on the for but will have a look at your DYI’s…

I do have a AAG Cloudwatcher / Solo from Lunatico that is doing a great job. However, as said, I am trying to find a better solution for high clouds (cirrus)…

Hence my initial questions :slight_smile: