Start Sequence From Where It Left Off

So, if you have a sequence running but didn’t have the time to finish it in one session (lets say you got 75 of 90 subs done) - it seems that if you restart the sequence the next night it begins anew from 1 and not from sub 76?

How do you get Voyager to start the sequence from where it left off?

Voyager work for slot time concept … if you think in terms of time and not sub this will be more clear.
To do what you want you need to change the number of exposure in slot

Not sure I follow. My Lum slot is set for 150 subs at 90s each. Because I had to stop and then start that sequence at some point I now have 227 Lum subs of 90s? It just started from “1” again when I restarted and of course i get sub “1” and then sub “1-1” - sucks for the sub naming.

Naming restart from 1 every time you start a sequence, if this is your question.
Timing are added to identify the order.

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What I said wasn’t correct. I get a"1" for both the before and after meridian flip "1"E and "1"W - which I guess is the way it is supposed to work. Still don’t know why I ended up with 77 extra subs?

I dont understand what yoy wrote, if you refer to name name restart at each sequence start. Not at meridian change. If you ask for 90 sub and restart the sequence the sequence redo 90 sub. if at first start you done 30 sub and stop and restart sequence and finish it you’ll finish to have 120 sub.

I hope to answered to your questions.

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I think I understand and might be able to restate it.

In other software if you create a sequence for 100 subs for instance, you can run that sequence over multiple nights. If there are 40 successful subs on night one and you continue on another night then it picks up where it left off, starting at sub 41. However many nights you take to complete the 100 subs, that is all you get, rather than ending up with more as the sequence restarts each time from sub 1.

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Thanks Blue…yes, that is what I meant.