Start to Finish script with Wait Safe - Example


Based on the Startup to Shutdown template from the Wiki, here’s my DragScript that includes the new WaitSafe option. It also applies to Voyager Array.

The script firstly connects to the Safety Monitor and enables Wait Safe. 1hr before Nautical (summer here at 52N so no Astronomical Night), it switches on my setup and starts running the imaging script if Wait Safe allows.

There are sections for suspending and recovering from weather events and closing events for emergency exit and terminate session.

I typically edit the timing and order of my Sequences (I only typically manage to image 2 objects per night maximum).

Hope it helps someone!

Startup-to-Shutdown_NGC6946&B150_Mosaic_Array_Summer_v2.chg.vos (195.2 KB)


Hi Roberto -

This is very timely - my RoR observatory was just finished and I am working to set up my automation.
I have a DragonFly and AAGCloudwatcher, but also have three separate mounts to monitor parked position before moving the roof.

In your script, under Emergency Exit, if Parking fails, you send an email, wait 20 minutes, and then close the shutter. Are you able to safely move the roof even if your mounts are not parked?

Maybe a question for Leo, but do you know if I can use Wait Safe based solely on having the weather data from the Cloudwatcher? In that case, will it wait until all conditions are OK/Resume or Don’t Care?

All the best,

Wait for Safe Rowland, this mean weather or safety or Viking condition that return safe. So depend on how you configure the weather conditions in Voyager.

For mount management the best is to have I/O sensor to decide if close or not … no other way is really safe.

All the best

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Hi Rowland

I have a Wait of 20 seconds to make sure my mount is parked before I close my roof. Although I have two magnetic switches on the mount that prevent the RoR roof from closing if not closed, I prefer to have sufficient time for the mount to park before instructing a roof close.


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Thanks Leo, that is helpful.
I bought a couple of IR sensors to detect mount position, but haven’t installed yet.
It looks like my roof could move without touching scopes except for removable dew shields on the SCT and Newtonian.


Thanks for the info Roberto.
I’m intrigued by the use of magnetic sensors to detect mount position. I have some IR sensors and Lunatico also recommends tilt sensors. Where did you place the magnetic sensors?


IR can be a problem in imaging depends on type and how installed … better use magnetic field contact.

Rowland they are stuck to the mount to coincide with the position I want it to Park to. I have an AP1100GTO mount and for me this is Park 2. They are tiny and fit nicely around the RA head. The sensors are really a couple of magnets with a circuit being formed when they are aligned. My RoR has a line in for the sensors to close the roof circuit.


Thanks Roberto. I have a few magnetic sensors I bought to sense roof open/closed. I will explore using them to detect Parked as well, and compare results with the IR sensors.


I have mine setup the same as Roberto but swapped out that roof controller for the Dragonfly. The Hitec controller had a quirky ASCOM interface and would not give me the guarantee I needed to prevent accidents.

Thank you for the dragscript example Roberto, that’s next on my list.


Hi, to have the certainty of park I check both the position in AR and in DEC. In AR I use a proximity sensor that senses the presence of an extension on the counterweight rod. For the DEC position I use an ARDUINO with ultrasonic sensor to measure the distance from the sensor to the tube, this system is so precise that if the cap is not closed the position is not PARK. Obviously the roof is authorized to close only if both conditions are met.