Startup - sharing drivers , phd2, more

Hi all, starting out with Voyager and I’m getting some questions about the detail…

e.g Sharing of ASCOM devices - several drivers expect access to common underlying components like the mount.
In my case, PHD2 is expecting access to the mount for making guide corrections
Voyager is expecting access to the mount, Maxim is expecting access to the mount ( to record fits fields if nothing else) and my dome which is synced through POTH is expecting access to the mount too. What is the recommended process - use the ASCOM Hub driver ( POTH replacement) as a single central hub ? In spite of how EQMOD works, the general model is one driver per client app…

This question is driven by the observation that when voyager tries to open the mount and the mount is already open in other apps, it starts another one that cannot open the comm port and fails badly - that ínstance cant be closed. It seems to be orphaned. Using disconnect in voyager doesn’'t help.

I am having a problem with PhD2 not connecting. I have increased the timeouts and still have no change. However CdC on the same pC connects instantanteously.

When Voyage disconnects, shouldn’t the child applications also be stopped unless selected otherwise ? For example CdC stays open and running.

I have started Voyager as admin to try to :
make the UAC message go away if its a one-time elevated write. It doesn;t
See if the PhD2 issue goes away due to mis-match in security levels - it doesn’t.

Anyone got suggestions ?

My kit is EQMOD ( SW EQ8), CdC, MaximDL - like to replace, home brew dome, soon to have a homebrew focuser, and i’d also like to move a lot of this to ALPACA.


You must be sure your mount driver allow multiple connection from different client.
Rembember to start Voyager for first of all and leave it open all. If you use maxim like camera control in Voyager, Voyager write the FIT data instead maxim so doesnt needed the mount connected to Maxim. POTH is not necessary if your mount driver accept more than one client and EQMOD do this so no use POTH.

To allow PHD2 to connect you must in order allow server in PHD2, accept the firewall now rule message from your operative system, open manually before PHD2 or better allow voyager to open PHD2 for you using the related flag in voyager setup:

Voyage absolutely doesnt close child because it doesn’t know if you want to do this, if you need to close do it manually or using the dragscript and kill process block. Only the COM object release from all client will be close if they allow.

Voyager is installed and run like admin, please leave it running like admin. PHD2 doesn’t have problem to run with Voyager as is the privilege level.

ALPACA isnt supported in Voyager now and for a while i think.
If you need help please ask to support for a remote session we will happy to help you.

We are free at time i wrote this message.

Al the best

Thanks for this.
I’m planning to run Voyager from the task scheduler so can elevate there.
Thanks for answering the POTH multi-connection question.
I have the PhD flag already set. the problem for starting PhD is now resolved by re-installing to the default installation directory. That and CdC I had installed in a D drive.

I’m planning to connect to ALPACA using the remote client interface so Voyager shouldnt see any difference. All my devices are remote REST wifi devices built to the ALPACA API. I’ll report as testing progresses.