Storage of Auto Backup

There are 3 parts to this question:

  1. Leo, do you have general advice and wisdom regarding the duration to set the auto-backup in Voyager?
  2. Why is my documents/Advanced folder empty? I have used Voyager Advanced for a considerable length of time? Therefore, is my setup/installation incorrect?
  3. When RoboTarget is connected it retains and reveals a considerable amount of useful historical detail. Where is that stored and where is the setting for that?

Old info can be extremely helpful. And the “auto” backup feature is great However they can occupy a considerable amount of hard drive space.
Thank you.

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I’m not sure how Auto Backup works. Is it possible to backup key voyager data to a specific folder (on a different drive for example).

I think your are pretty technical question and not all can be answered because do not regarding users.
Answer for what is possibile:

  1. Voyager Setup - Voyager Wiki this is valid for profile and all backup data
  2. are temporary files during running and users are not involved in this
  3. question have no sense: data are in a database and retains is forever. You must delete things when you will not need anymore

No is not possible, Voyager save all data in the Documents/Voyager folders because this is the right and unique place.
If you want You can create a copy of the backup where you want.