Strange message in log file

After many days of perfect working, this morning I found Voyager in an error state, resulting in a good night procedure and mount parking at about 00:50:18 (with repeated “PHD2Client is busy now” messages).
At 00:50:18 357 I found this strange message:

2019/06/06 00:50:18 357 - WARNING - [SEQUENCE ] - [Funzione ] - at .(String )
at . ()
at . ()
at .Funzione(Object )

Could this be a bug? Here:

you can find the log file for sake of completeness.

Is not a bug but a response from PHD2 that Voyager try to print on log.
When you found a PHD2Client is busy is the Operative System that truncate communication between Voyager and PHD2. Check if Windows Defender is blocking VOyager and PHD2 and add in exception. Or check if update starting and freeze the TCP communication.

If you want assistance please contact at mail in license and send the log

All the best

Forget … remember to active mail or sms. In this case you can be reached from communication on error in your dragscript or you can lost the night.

PHD2 v. 2.6.6 seems not to communicate anymore with Voyager!
The error now is coming up at the beginning of the same sequence I ran many times successfully last nights.
I tried to uninstall and reinstall PHD2 with no result.
The error is:

SubAction [Sequence - Safety Run] Error : Shutdown Guide (Guide Stopping Failed (Error during PHD2 Stop_Capture Command Request : [NON_INOLTRATO] PHD2Client is busy now : [CMD_RUNNING]))

Any idea??

If you do a search in forum you’ll found many thread with this message.
Solution is always the same, check Windows Defender and your antivirus, exclude Voyager and PHD2 from control adding to exceptions (file, process and directory).

If you don’t feel confortable to do ,we can do togheter in remote.

Let me know

Thank you Leo.
It works even if it is still enigmatic to me understanding the reason why until yesterday windows defender did not get in the way.
I did not change anything and the last windows update occurred a couple of weeks ago.
In any case a big THANK YOU!

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Definition tables can be update outside windows update.
Some traffic can be recognized like worm.

Origin of problem only Microsoft can know !