Suggestions to balance number of subs per tile when capturing big mosaics?

Sorry for the thread’s title but I am very bad at naming things.

This is the situation, I am working on some big mosaics (~9 tiles). I am using the web dashboard to plan the mosaics then I imported them to roboclip and finally create a project with Research & Survey Mosaic (RSM). Then I add the RSM sequences to my all night imaging dragscript and execute it.

So far so good, Voyager does it magic and next day I have a bunch of images in my harddrive. However the tiles are not in the same state of progress, some are way ahead in the number of subs, some are missing some images for specific filters, some tiles have poor quality subs (high clouds etc).

Ideally I would like to endup with similar number of subs per channel per tile, any suggestion on how to retarget some specific tiles/filters so I can balance the overall number of subs per tile per filter?



my suggestion is to work in time slot to repeat and not in absolute number … this help you to decide when to finish and disable the tiles you dont want to continue. 3L 3R 3G 3B like sequence for each tiles or make different mosaic for luminance and for color is more better. You can reverse order of tiles in the next day

Just check the number of sub, delete the ones you dont like and when a filter for a tiles reach the number you want remove from sequence.

if you do a small amount for tile and repeat loop its difficult to have different number

All the best

Indeed, probably the best solution is to create one Mosaic per filter so that way I can have full control of what needs to be retarget etc.

I will give it a try tonight.