Superman Galaxy. First Light with Voyager


I had fantastic first light with Voyager in the past two days. My first image with Voyager was Superman Galaxy, NGC 7479. It was a pleasure to use Voyager.


Superman Galaxy, NGC 7479 . RGB + Luminance. 0.84"/pixel image scale. Truth, Justice and the American way.

Astrodon I series Red filter, 13 x 5 minutes, 1x1. 9/25/2019.
Astrodon I series Green filter, 13 x 5 minutes, 1x1. 9/24/2019.
Astrodon I series Blue filter, 13 x 5 minutes, 1x1. 9/24/2019.
Astrodon I series Lum filter, 39x 5 minutes, 1x1. 9/24/2019 and 9/25/2019.

Total 6.5 hours.

TEC 160FL APO F/7 with TEC Field Flattener, Astro-Physics A-P1100GTO GEM with absolute encoders. QSI660wsg. OAG and Ultrastar autoguider (1.19"/sec), Starlight Instruments PDMS motorized focuser.

Captured and automated with Voyager. Calibration and Post-processed with PixInsight. PHD2 settings: RA Aggressiveness: 70, RA Hysteresis: 10, Max RA/Dec Duration: 2000, Min Move: 0.67 (0.80"), Calibration Steps: 200msec, Auto/Resist Switching, Auto guiding exposure and extreme dithering.



Great job, Peter, and congratulations on first light with Voyager. You got a lot of nice detail out of a small target.

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Thank you Glenn.


Great result Peter … congratulations.

All the best

Thank you Leo. It was a pleasure to use your Voyager software. Your auto focusing feature is awesome.


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Excellent Voyager first light Peter - you will never look back!


Thanks Roberto.


This is version #2. I re-process it to use different PixInsight’s color calibration tool and I believe it shows truer color than version #1.

To blink in between version #2 and #1, click on right and left arrows back and forth at my web site.


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