Supernova remnant IC 1340

Thanks, Leo, for the great software; it has worked extraordinarily well. I look forward to expanding on its features and pushing the limits.

Software Bisque MX+ mount
Takahashi FSQ-106 530mm telescope
Apogee A8050 cooled CCD camera
34 Astrodon 3nm HA 1200 secs unguided
29 Astrodon 3nm O3 1200 secs unguided
24 Astrodon 3nm S2 1200 secs unguided



Wonderful ā€¦ congratulations. Great details and color.
Thank you so much to you for using Voyager, really appreciated.

All the best

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Thank you, Leo. Iā€™m eagerly awaiting more clear skies to start on the next project, going to give a mosaic a try.

Beautiful work and NB to RGB color combination!

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Thank you, Francesco. It was fun to try different color combinations. I settled on this one because I liked the pastel coloring rather than a vibrant RGB palette.

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