System Out Of Memory Exception Error

Tonight I tried my first attempt at using Voyageur for an imaging run but it stopped after 16 exposures with the following error:

Any idea what would cause this? I tried to upload the log but seems I can only upload pictures?

I’m using an FLI ML16200 CCD and I did notice that I am not able to take any exposures now as the camera seems to be unable to download? I did close down Voyageur and the camera works fine in another application.

I think I am binning at 1x1 for local field focus…is that the issue and I need to use 2x2 binning?

Sorry but this is not an error from Voyager … Voyager handle this error and in general all error inside without stop … this for architecture.

This is an error throw by some of your driver or application used for automation. In Voyager monitor log you see in yellow that camera end to answer during plate solving. I dont know which kind of plate solving you use … windows seems from PlateSolve2. Try to reduce the number of stars in image to solve using bin and ROI.

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For log and support you need to use the dedicated mail, you found it the original license mail.
Please do not attach log here.

For what is worth, I have experienced a similar issue during a Localfield focus with my QHY163m using a BIN 1 exposure and the whole frame (100%). Using BIN 2 and reducing the Central Region parameter from 100% to 70% the problem has solved. But only during a Localfield, I use Platesolve 2 in BIN 2 and I use half frame, and it works without problem…

But sending a .log file to Leo is ever very helpful… :slight_smile:

Hi Roberto,

the error you talk was showed in Monitor Log not in an external window and during focus shot with LocalField. The windows showed coming from external application or driver during plate solving.

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Thanks for the replies. I am using PlateSolve2 as well. I will go to 2x2 binning and reduce the ROI and see how that goes.

On a different topic - what would you recommend for focus exposure for NB filters - 15sec?

Which kind of autofocus you want to use ?
With Robostar same time of normal filter, with localfield depends on you telescope, camera , binning and filters. 15s bin1 is default but with epsilon i use 3 seconds. This time is better to choose after some testing.

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