Target Status Ephemeris

I noticed that the Target Ephemeris in the Status panel seems to not be reflecting the current RoboTarget being run.

Often I quick glance at this to check the transit time during a normal sequence run which is quite useful to check on the position and progress of the target. I’m not sure here if it has loaded the Ephemeris of the last auto focus position sync?

In my lab simulator Voyager install, I see that when the scheduler is run, and target selected to Run, the Ephemeris in the status panel does update to show the correct details for the running target.

This is from live running observatory session

This is from lab simulator running under same site conditions

Ephemeris is related to the night and calculated one time at first run of scheduler. If you change things that contribute to calculate ephemeris you must restart the RoboStar get. Date time lat long.

This not ephemeris of a planetarium this ephemeris from scheduler. Sync do not enter in all thus

Thanks Leo, yes I see it now. Once the call scheduler runs again, it selected the target and recalculated the ephemeris. It must have done this maybe when I edited the shots in the robotarget manager and reloaded targets in robotarget, possibly.