Targets versus Shots

Here is still cloudy, it looks like in the coming weeks it will not be clear in the Netherlands.
I like to understand better the relation between target with the basic sequence and adding shots.

I wonder. My Base Seq. is LRGB120sec. if I add a shot of L300 will it overnight the L120 of the base sequence
Or other situation
I like to do M13 in L 300 L120 and L60 seconds but I have LRGB as a Base will the colour shot defined in the base still be executed


My understanding is that the shot selection (how many shots per filter) in the Base Sequence is NOT used at all; It only take other things from the Base Sequence (like cooling management, focusing management, guiding/dither, meridian flip, etc.), everything in the tabs but NOT the main Sequence settings, and NOT the constraints in your Base Sequence.

You will have to “add shots” in each of the target you create in the RoboTarget, and you will have to add all shots you want to take.

Feel free to correct me otherwise if anyone knows better.


My understanding is the same as Yizhou’s. Under each set I’ve created a Dummy (called it z_Dummy for it to stay at bottom) for the constraints and shots I want for each set (for me LRGB, Ha, SHO, HaOIII, HaSII). Base Sequence is really a description for ancillary hardware settings.


I am not able to test due to the weather. This means that you need for all targets to create your set of shots. no shot defined no images ist only the bases contains. related to the Tabs below. Right?

From that point good idea to create dummy targets with all possible flavours of shots



This is how I am allocating targets for my main imaging scope (Array 1). I hope that when Advanced is rolled out for Array, I can easily link the RoboTarget Manager setup to Array 2:

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I’m only up to RA 3hrs in my RoboClip list so quite some way to go!

Remember to disable the target dummy or will be considered in scheduling :slight_smile: or better use a set with all dummys and disable the set


RoboTarget will need only to connect to the Master node.
In the Shot you will define the node bumber where will be applied

All the best


Very good idea on the set of dummys!