Technical Inovations Robofocus RF3 Temperature

I have a Robofocuser (RF3) focus controller , does Voyager support temperature readout for focus trigger with this hardware? When I connect the unit the temperature always read 99C. I see in the documentation the refocus may be triggered on ADU delta units not Degrees C. Is there a setting somewhere for using delta ADU vs Temp, or is it that this hardware isn’t support ? Does anyone have experience with this hardware using Voyager. Can I trigger a refocus on temperature change with this hardware?

99C means no temperature from the sensor or wrong temperature.
Voyager use the ASCOM methods for get temperature from focuser driver so you must check you temperature sensor if connected and working and check with Technical Innovations support about lack of data.

if you cannot use internal focuser temperature you can use external trigger for focusing with temperature but in this case you must have data coming from observing conditions driver or viking or sqm control.

ADU or °C is something depends on driver how report information to Voyager, Voyager cannot translate it, jsut use as is

I have tried to configure a Voyager to refocus on temperature change using my SQM meter as the source of the temperature. Voyager Displays the Temperature and SkY quality fine in the Observing Conditions Status window, but when I run a Sequence I get the following Warning

Cannot Use Focus Trigger on Observing Conditions TEMPERATURE → control is not configured in Voyager

I also see a second Related status
Focus each X Absolute Delta Temperature [C or ADU] Trigger Mode = Observing Conditions Status is → Cannot Retrieve.

I set up focus to use Observing Conditions instead of Focuser Temp. I am not using any other Observing Conditions source so didn’t set any of the Temp overrides. Am I missing a setting? or does Voyager not support Refocus on SQM delta Temperature?

SQM is not an Observing conditions control … you have the observing conditions control empty.

This is the SQM control in Voyager:

This is the observing conditions control in Voyager:

You can override observing conditions temperature with SQM control temperature only if you have an observing conditions control configured.

I will add also SQM control alone

Sorry I don’t really understand your response.

Yes since I am not using Observing Conditions, I didn’t think I need to override Observing Conditions Temperature and use SQM temp instead, since the SQM temperature was being displayedI assume it was automatically overriding the observing conditions Temperature.

Based on your response I am still not sure if it is possible to use the SQM delta temp to cause a refocus. When you say you will add SQM control alone, does that mean it doesn’t currently work and a future build will allow it to work? Or current build works and I don’t have it set up correctly. Or maybe this option will never be available?

No problem, I try again.
In Voyager Autofocus, Observing Conditions and SQM are 3 different controls that you can configure.
As for image and wiki you can use like trigger for autofocus or the autofocus control system temperature or the observing conditions control temperature … not the SQM control directly.

I can add the SQM like control source of trigger if you want. This in a future version because now is not possible.

What you can do at now is : if you have the observing conditions control configured in Voyager use this for trigger or override the data from the SQM control if you have also configured the SQM control in Voyager. When I talk ablout override I mean you have observing conditions control configured and also the SQM control configured (SQM temperature will override Observing conditions temperature).

If you need more info I suggest to read about in the wiki:

Thanks for your help, I think I have it working.

I selected as my Observing Conditions and overriden the TEMP and Sky Quality to use the SQM meter values.

One question concerning OpenWeather, in creating a free account, I see they limit to so many polls per month. How often does Voyager poll the server, do you think I will exceed the # free polls allowed? Not sure how much data is being collected.

Thanks again

Poll at least 3 times for minute.

All the best