Telegram - store info

I am new to Voyager, but have read and searched quite a bit on this without luck…

I’m using Telegram under Signals in DragScript to message my phone as needed - works very well - great system! All you need (after setting up Telegram outside of Voyager) is to enter your API ID and CHAT ID - along with configuring the message you wish to send.

My question has to do with the two ID’s that must be entered for every Telegram message in a DragScrip. I have not found any place in setup (e.g. under Voyager tab) where I could store these and then autofill? Am I missing such a facility?

I suppose after I work with Voyager long enough, and have built my “standard” scripts - it will not be that big a problem. I’m just trying to make sure I’m not missing something obvious.


I just copy the notification element you are using and paste it again where needed in the dragscript.

Be careful though when pasting. Sometimes an element will be highlighted, but not selected . . . You’ll have to click the block/area you want to paste it to first. Keep an eye where it pastes too. So in doing that, make a backup of your dragscript first!

After you paste the notification element, just change the notification message. Your IDs will stay so you don’t have to enter that again.

Duh! Typical newbie question (hard to imagine spending time searching rather than right clicking…to get copy/paste).