Telegram VoyagerBot post removed

We have removed the thread related to the subject. We did this because the download system used by the authors reports the presence of internal viruses. This is not true as they are generic automatic alerts made by unknown antivirus. The source code is available so each of you can make sure of this.

Above all, we would like to write to you that in any case the tool does not belong to Voyager, it is not developed by us and we are in no way responsible for it.

In order to avoid exploitation and prejudices towards Voyager, which also emerged from some private emails we received, the thread has been removed.

You can continue to follow the project directly in its natural location, where the authors have published it and are managing it.

Any questions and clarifications you want should be addressed directly to them and not to our staff. We have only hosted a tool that seemed to us (and still seems to us) a good thing but we cannot manage things that are not ours nor compromise our integrity even as a feeling received by users.

For your information.
Leonardo Orazi