Temperature sources for focusing


I just bought a RASA11 (they are heavily discounted right now. I am looking into options to motorize the focuser knob and I am considering the one provided by Celestron, However, this motor doesn’t have any temperature probe or a way to report temperature.

Is it possible to use another device connected to Voyager to trigger a refocus action based on temperature changes? I know there are some usb devices that read temperature and also the pegasus power boxes have a temp module.

Honestly, it is not a showstopper cause I can just refocus every 30 min or 1hr, but sometimes the temperature changes very fast and I might require focusing sooner based on a big temp drift.



Hello Jose,

i must check because we have temperature data from Pegasus power box troughViking and from Observing conditions and from SQM system. But i dont remember if are at now usable for autofocus triggering.

All the best

PS congrats for new toy

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Congrats on that new scope, José! Post some pictures here when you get the chance.